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Greetings from Santo Domingo (Email Update Excerpt)



So Im taking a minute out of my day to learn the Dominican keyboard again and to speak some english.

So if you haven’t guessed by now….I have made it to the Dominican Republic it took about 12 hrs longer than I thought and a new suitcase but I made it. (Lets just say I had the flight from hell, sorry no better word for it). Going from Atlanta to Miami was pretty easy. The security line was long but I avoided paying overage fees =) However, when I got to Miami things started to go down hill. After I cut off my cell phone service, thank God it will not be cut off until the 22nd because I would need it later, I received word of the 1st delay-2hrs. Then as the 2 hrs were up there was an announcement about a technical problem. Then after the “firemen” and fire truck make it to the plane they decide that they cannot use that plane to get to Santo Domingo (Sto Dom). To make matters worse there is no place to dock the new plane so they decide to delay the flight until tomorrow. At this point it was like 8 something pm and my patience was gone. Then I had to wait in line for about an hour to get a hotel voucher, I was hoping for flight compensation but they don’t do that from the airport. So I make my way to the hotel and on the way I meet a women, as she yelled “joven, joven, india, india te vas a hotel”/(this is hard to translate but basically I was considered a young mixed dominican from the phrase and she asked if I was going to the hotel). But this woman ended up being a good contact, as I explained to her in my rough spanish why I was going to Sto Dom to live, she told me that she works for a women s group and that I should call her. This woman also made me happy because she was the first latino-dominican that talked to me in spanish. Most of them used their broken english with me if they even talked at all. Well…this is a long story so I will move to the end. The hotel stay was nice-it felt good to be rested and the flight the next day went well-I arrived in Sto Dom at about 7:30am.

Then today I met with the US embassy people, they were nice, and went shopping. The one thing that I brought that was needed was my cell phone- the shoes and jeans were brought waiting for the activation of my phone(I couldn’t resist it was Zara and Mango-my favorite European stores). So after a great lunch at TGI Fridays (I ate by myself in public for the first time-it was weird), waiting for the rain downpour to stop and waiting for about 2 hours for my cell phone ( the system was down) I went back to “el local”/short name for the house of the group I am staying with.

There is so much more I could say but that could take a page or more. So…if you want more details or have questions send me a email.

Lastly- my new number in the Dominican Republic is 809-000-0000. Don t call directly because it costs too much but you can go to and buy a phone card from there. The rates are good and you can save the pin to a certain number (ending the need to repeatedly type in that random number that is impossible to remember). Also because the rates to call the US from the DR are the same as a local call don t be surprised to see a 809 number come up on your caller ID or text messaging box as I may sporadically call and/or text (sometimes its easier to pay to call then to pay for internet and some of you all are not email people either).

I hope all is well with everyone and thank you to everyone that helped/supported me on my way to this new adventure. I still can t believe I live here and I did get a little excited when my spanish began to come back and I saw all the craziness of the DR (like the guy standing up in a truck on the highway-the car was in motion) =)


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