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Research Journal Entry 15 Sept 05

So A LOT has happened since the 6th. I met with Prof. [X] finally went to FLACSO; met..the other Fulbrighter; finally talked two someone at INSTRAW and I’m so excited right now.

I had a really good talk with Jacqueline. She lent me a book and gave me lots of papers to read. I also had a really good meeting at INSTRAW. I learned about their new project, “Fortalecimiento de la governabildad con enfoque de género y la participación política de las mujeres en el ámbito local.” Unfortunately, they are not working in the DR on this but I basically secured an internship with INSTRAW for this summer =) I do have to send my resume and a letter of interest oh and see if I can get IIPP money to stay but almost there. And why not I have a house and everything here…But really I’m so excited I don’t know what to do. Oh otra cosa I basically fell into a meeting of women in political parties in the Dom Rep, so now I’m sitting here waiting for it to start. I’m just glad that I finally have things to do but I know that soon I may not feel that way…So here I am in a moment that I don’t know when I’m going to leave- más o menos me voy a ver and apply for things I want in the states and if I get it I’ll leave- if not find a way to stay longer.


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