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US News really needs work

After a discussion last night with a former classmate/fellowmate of mine I decided that I would check out the BBC News website. I had contemplated this before as BBC is world renowned for its news coverage but dag I learned more in the last 10 min scanning and reading the headlines at the BBC World site than I have learned in years of reading the New York Times and Washington Post headlines.

US news especially international news coverage is HORRIBLE, though this I knew before. In the states if it is not the “hot” topic it is not discussed which is a great disservice to US citizens. For example looking to today’s headlines, I didn’t even know that Turkey was building a controversial dam or that Iran is “violating” a UN Security council resolution in its pursuit of “friendly” nuclear weapon exploration. Now some may say that these pieces of news are not that important but we live in a globalized world, so things that happen across the globe affects those in all parts of the globe. It is time for the US to get out of its internal bubble and get with the program.

I am not saying that domestic news is not important but most days I think that the US is a bit too internal with its news. However we are talking about a nation where the people barely know the geography of the 50 states let alone the geography of 50 nations, talk about no child left behind or as I love to refer to it ningun nino atras (blogger doesn’t accept the accent marks).

But its funny because I’m not sure I would say the same about the US national government- being internalistic that is- and I’m not just talking about Iraq. Look at the fact that it took about 24 hours for the US to send assistance to South Asia after the tsunami but it took MORE than 36 hours for the US to send assistance to New Orleans after the hurricane. That was horrible. This is also the same government that rejected the New Orleans grant/proposal application to fix the very reason that the hurricane was such a disaster but granted budget increases for the Iraq war and other international “conflicts” at the expense of the US national deficit and other US public programs.

Either way…agree or agree to disagree but definitely check out BBC World


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