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DNMP on Religious Freedom in the US

Sometimes I think the US has forgotten why our founding fathers, or their ancestors rather, came to the United States- because their interpretation of Christianity was deemed wrong. They came here for choice, to be able to worship the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit in the way they thought fit. Though today’s “religious battles” are multi-faith ones i.e. Judaism, Islam, Buddhism etc who are we to deny people of other faiths and denominations the ability to express their belief in God or gods. In doing such we are just as bad as the Church of England or the Catholic Church or any other institution that drove those first Europeans to the United States. At the end of the day if you really want to convert people to your version of religion stop forcing it and just let them come to God/Jesus/Jehovah/Buddha on their own terms. Lead by example and let go and let God. Don’t get me wrong, I love my God or at least I’m trying to love him, and to be frank I believe that the Christian way IS the right way and that there is one way to get to heaven- through Jesus Christ, if I did not believe this I would not be a Christian right now. BUT I also know my country of citizenship and though our laws are based on Christian principles this nation was founded so that ALL people, were still working on the ALL part, have access to certain inalienable rights- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To me the pursuit of happiness includes being able to express your religion in your way whether I and MY religion thinks it is wrong or not.


2 thoughts on “DNMP on Religious Freedom in the US

  1. Wow, you’re so much more technologically inclined than I am. But I do so appreciate this website and the info it has provided me… and hope to take some time this week to read more. Love your blog!

  2. Hey!

    When are firing back up the online debates?!! I need someone to fuss with online. Invite some of your guy friends with outdated, male chauvinistic views so I can argue with them online!

    Geez, the rest of us out here need you facilitating this type of interaction.

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