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Links of the Week 16 May 2008

Top Five of the Week
(in no particular order)
HRC Saturday Night Live Parody:
This is the SNL skit where HRC lays out why she will be the Democratic nominee.Multilateral Like Bush:
So this article shows McCain’s stances on various foreign policy situtations.

If Clinton Wants VP, Obama Can’t Stop Her:

Clinton’s Biggest Mistake:
I have to say this guy is right on the money with his article. I feel two words describe the failure of HRC’s campign — lazy & cocky.

Robert Creamer: Top 10 Reasons Obama Defeated Clinton…:
I have to say I agree with Creamer. He said things in this article that I have said since the beginning.

Steven Levy: Getting Scholarships on FastWeb:

This is an article criticizing, now owned by Monster. I have to say I agree with Steven Levy. Do you?

Landlines go dead as more users rely on cell phones:


Be careful what you allow into your body.

Hey, Maybe Wind’s No Joke Afterall:
A good quick look at the development of wind power as a clean energy source in the United States.

Under Water: Insiders Question Off Shore Wind Power:
A look at new challenges to off shore wind power.

10 Healthiest Desserts:

It’s not easy being green:
Transcript from a story that ran on Dateline NBC.

Younger Donors As Generous as Other Generations:

Chinese Open Wallets for Quake Aid:

Obama and Oregon: More In Common Than O:
A breakdown of the Oregon electorate and Obama and Clinton in relation to that electorate.

Clinton: All about 2012?:

Miss. Democrat wins GOP House Seat:

Q&A With Bob Barr, Libertarian for President:

The McCain Archives:
A series of The New Republic Articles about John McCain.

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue:
An interesting piece discussing what Obama needs to do to improve his chances of beating McCain in the fall.

Maybe We Can’t:
An article about an African American man who supported Hillary Clinton and why. Here is the link to a response about the article on The New Republic’s staff blog The Plank:

Democrats Need Quick End to In Fighting:

The Warrior and Her Throne: Once Confident Clinton Camp Under Seige:,1518,552948,00.html

Edwards to endorse Obama:

Cindy McCain Sells Funds Tied to Sudan:

The Politics of the Lapel, When It Comes to Obama:\

Clinton’s 11th Hour Push:

McCain Aide Trains His Sights on Obama:
Meet John McCain’s speechwriter in this article.

McCain envisions how first term will go:
I have to say I do like some of McCain’s ideas. Read this article with an open mind.

Republicans fear public has lost confidence:
The Republic Congressional Campaign Committee has less than 10 million on hand. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is close to 45 million…

Farm Bill Passes by Veto-Proof Margin:
But will congress be able to override this bill when it is more than likely vetoed?

Is Clinton Right that She’s the Stronger Candidate?:
A good breakdown of HRC’s arguments and of the general election race in general.

The Campaign That Wasn’t:
A look at the best of HRC and BHO and the ponderings if the best of these two candidates ran against each other during the whole 2008 Democratic Primary season.

The GOP Must Stand for Something:

Steeling Obama:,0,5541828.story
How Obama can prepare for the General Election and why the long primary battle is in his favor.

Biden: Bush’s Comments were Bull…:

GOP’s New Slogan Already Used to Market Anti-Depressant:

McCain Sees U.S.Troops Leaving Iraq by 2013:

Joe Biden: McCAin Has Zero Plan to Get Us Out of Mess President Bush Has Created:


MySpace wins $230 million in Internet spam case:

Size no longer stops short, stylish men:
Little men need love too…

ABC-TV will have only 2 new fall shows:
The canceled Women’s Murder Club =(


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