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Links of the Week 25 May 2008

Top Five
In no particular order
Young Filmmakers Explore America’s Cultural Identity:

Britain’s Got Talent

Something light to make you smile and dance.

Republicans and Our Enemies:
An Op-Ed by Joe Biden, Jr. the Senior Senator for Delaware.

Giant ‘telescope’ links London, New York:
Someone dug a hole to the other side of the world. I still remember when I tried to dig to China when I was little.

Cindy McCain in Vogue:
I have said before and I will say again I like Cindy McCain and I support her decision not to release her tax returns, though it looks like she has released her 2006 returns.

Obama: Don’t fund independent groups:

Superdelegates Turned Down $1 Million from Clinton Donor:

Obama Draws Record Crowd in Oregon:
Obama’s oldest daughter is getting tall.

Talking Points Memo – Hillary’s Concession Speech Planned…Early Draft Leaked:
This post is a call for Democratic Party Unity.

Convention Do’s and Don’ts House Ethics Committee Outlines Limits on Freebies:

Supporter Says Clinton Getting Desperate:

Democrats and Our Enemies:
An Op-Ed by Joe Lieberman, Senator from Connecticut.

Myanmar to Grant Entry to Medical Teams from Asian Group:

SUVs plunge toward ‘endangered’ list:


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