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Links of the Week 6 June 2008

Top Five
In No Particular Order

Rise of The Latin Africans:

For Black Americans Obama Expands a Dream:
Dr. Jeanne Meadows, Professor at Spelman College is interviewed during this video.

Gun T-Shirt ‘was security risk’:

Noting But Nets Campaign Grows in Popularity:
A donation of $10 gives a mosquito net to a child in Africa. The use of these nets helps reduce malaria rates.

Is Lakers-Celtics part of NBA’s grand plan:

Bush Appointee Susan Orr Resigns:
It must be really bad if she can’t wait until January.

Bill to Reserve Seats for Women in India’s Parliament Debated:

Clinton the ‘insider’ swept aside:

U.S. to enforce new travel requirements:

Vermont Governor Signs Mammogram Bill:

Senate Passes Measure to Restore Affordable Birth Control:

Barbie’s Mattel Sues Maker of Bratz Dolls:

GM Axes Four SUV and Truck Plants:

2002 West finals, Lakers-Kings:
FINALLY- I don’t feel alone anymore when it comes to this match up. This series should have been done with game 6. The Kings were the better team in 02…lo siento mucho mi amor pero es asi.

Pierce’s Game 1 the stuff of legends:

Women Earn More BAs than Men:

Pashto language:

Have Your Say – Sderot and Gaza: third letters:
An interesting news series where two women one Jewish the other Palestinian exchange letters and learn about their perspectives on this ongoing conflict.

India forced to raise fuel prices:

Bahrain names Jewish ambassador:

German shops running out of milk:


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