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Links of the Week 13 June 2008

Top Five
In No Particular Order

Sexism Might Sell But I’m Not Buying It:

States Seize Stimulus Checks:

Women, Repeat This: Don’t Ask, Don’t Get:

Colleges should explain why costs are so high:

BBC uncovers lost Iraq billions:


Worst Food in America:
The winner is Outback’s cheese and bacon fries. I don’t eat meat or dairy anymore but I do remember that these fries were GOOD, just not good for you.

Japan, Seeking Trim Waists, Measures Millions:
Article discusses new waist limits in Japan for those between the ages of 40 and 74.


Celtics fully grasp urgency of Finals:

Griffey’s journey untainted:
Ken Griffey Jr hit is 600th homerun, the sixth Major League player to do so and the third “clean” player, according to the author.


Defeat is the Clintons’ new challenge:

Hillary Clinton, Master Thespian:
I’m glad that I’m not the only one that sees that HRC lost because she did not run a good campaign NOT because of sexism or because the country is not ready for a woman president.

Boys on the Bias:
This short op-ed by former NJ Governor Whitman showed some of the best examples of sexism in the 2008 Presidential Nominee race.

Another Green World: My candidate wins the nomination for the Presidency:
Cynthia McKinney has gained more than 50% of the delegates in the Green Party’s nomination party. Looks like this really is a historic election season- The first Black man candidate, the First Black and Woman Candidate and the Oldest Candidate; though the middle situation is not official yet.

In California, a House Divided Stands Strong:
A cute story highlighting the Governor of CA and his wife and also showing what occurs in mixed political party families.


Europe looks at Putin with prudence and respect, and at Bush with indifference:

Looking to the future, Feminism Has to Focus:


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