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Links of the Week 20 June 2008

Top Five
In No Particular Order
Manners still matter when you’re poking on Facebook:

Obama Sharply Assails Absent Black Fathers:

Listen for the good speech about the state of the black family but also as you listen this statement, “And Obama’s the elitist?” will have new meaning.

Some words of wisdom by a dad to his son on women, sex and politics, etc. that other fathers out there may find helpful:

Women in Politics by Eleanor Roosevelt:

As we look back at an historic primary season and look forward to an historic general election let us look back and learn from those who came before.

For Blacks in France, Obama’s Rise Is Reason to Rejoice, and to Hope:

Do Angry Clinton Women Love McCain?:

Historians see little chance for McCain:
A good look at McCain’s chances, I myself am getting flashbacks of the 1996 race where most Americans had no clue who Dole’s running mate was. Shoot, I still don’t remember and I’m reading a book that has discussed this race more than once.

Cindy McCain visits Vietnam:

Fist Bump and ‘Pathetic’: Up for Discussion on ‘The View’:

Edwards Wins Election to Congress:

After Attacks, Michelle Obama Looks for a New Introduction:

I agree with Whoopi Goldberg, I love the fact that Michelle Obama is bring a new positive view of the African American woman especially Black women with darker skin.

Michelle Obama’s Princeton Thesis:

Just goes to show that in this new world…anything you write comes back. I might have to print and read this one.


Nannygate bears no relevance to ordinary working parents:

Statue for Che’s ‘80th Birthday’:

Iran police start wider crackdown on un-Islamic dress:

EU lifts sanctions against Cuba:


A championship unlike any other:

Celtics’ Rondo responds in clincher:

NBA’s Biggest Turnarounds:

The wait and weight is over for Garnett:

Another Strike in Hollywood?:,8599,1816772,00.html

Please not again…I really need Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Brothers and Sisters to start on time this season.


E-Mail Sins, Horror Stories and Strategies:

An interesting look at the flood of email messages to your inbox.

Five ways to find low fares:

Five ways to cut car insurance costs:

The Web Time Forgot:

So Young, and So Gadgeted:

Reading this makes me feel old because the phrase I didn’t get my first pager until I was in high school is in the back of my throat. I also didn’t get a cell phone until my junior year of high school and that was only because my mom didn’t want me driving without one in case I got into an accident or other car trouble.


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