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Links of the Week 27 June 2008

Top Five

In No Particular Order

The Democrats’ Lieberman Problem:,8599,1817122,00.html

Joe Lieberman Must Go:

US fears of teen ‘pregnancy pact’:

See its stuff like this that had me refuse to see Juno – these girls think it’s cute to be havin kids. Well its not.

Why Black Women Love R. Kelly:

Italian Vogue Features Black Models in July Issue:


Three women who might join the GOP ticket:

Now That We’ve ‘Won,’ Let’s Come Home:

Senator: Obama’s choice ‘doesn’t help’ financing system:

Senator Biden addresses Obama’s choice to not use public financing.

Biden Wipes Floor with McCain Surrogate on Meet the Press:

Obama hands Clinton check to hasten unity drive:

Obama maxes out to Clinton.

‘When John McCain was my captive’:

America’s Next Chapter:

Court bans death penalty for child rape:


Google has best reputation in U.S., airlines fall: survey:

Comcast was rated one of the companies with the worst reputation and I’m not at all surprised.

Visa taps into Facebook following:

Delta Adds Fuel Fee to Frequent-Flier Tickets:


In Algeria, a Tug of War for Young Minds:

Indecent Bill Portends Great Danger to Nigerian Women – Maryam Uwais:

Albanian Custom Fades: Woman as Family Man:

Yoga event stretches across US-Mexico border fence:;_ylt=AjcxWLQEB2tfoO67LjP9j8W3IxIF

Brazilian Secret 93 Million Don’t Want to Talk About Is Racism:


Switching languages can also switch personality: study:

A feminist season for both Carrie, Hillary:


Offseason outlook for all 30 teams:


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