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Links of the Week 11 July 2008

Top Five
In No Particular Order

Does EMILY’s List Still Matter?:

An Ideal Husband

To Trust and Cherish: Rules to Love By

This is a series of responses to the ‘An Ideal Husband’ article

To Buy or Not to Buy? Is There Really a Question?

She’s just not that into you — or is she?

McCain’s First (And Only) Military Command

Power to women, not women in power

Politics and the City:

Jackson’s `Crude’ Remarks May Give Boost to Obama

Will Clinton’s defeat discourage women from running?
I don’t think so I think that we (women and those who support female equality in politics) need to realize that in the case of the US it is going to take time because our system is not set up to be friendly to change let alone political challengers. Parliamentary and proportional representational systems are friendlier to challengers and open to change.

Conservatives Ready To Battle McCain on Convention Platform


Cutting Out the Middlemen, Shoppers Buy Slices of Farms

Washington diary: Oil addiction

Ads Across Time Tout Reliability, Affordability

Suze Orman: Where to put your money now

Demystifying the Glycemic Index

Cancer death rate drop tied to education levels

We should be using stats and research like this when kids ask why they need to stay in school. I think saying it could prevent you from untimely death and disease may hit home more than so you can get a good job. Both are important though.

Slow eating trims calorie intake: study


Saving Michael Vick’s Dogs

Women swoon over stubble, study finds


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