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Links of the Week 15 August 2008

Top Five
In No Particular Order

How to blow it
This article is an excerpt from Michael Moore’s New Book coming out on August 19, 2008.

Study: Women rise in state government leadership

Black & Blacker – The racial politics of the Obama marriage
Not from this week but I read it this week 🙂

Latest post from: Another GOP senator to skip convo
I guess the GOP has to fight hard to keep their congressional seats…but this hard? Um…

Minorities set to be US majority


GOP Brings Back the “Bitter”
I love how the New Mexico GOP forgot to mention that most economists (on both sides of the isle) were against the summer gas tax break as well as Obama. Oh the beauty of ads…

Edwards Took Mistress on 2006 Presidential Announcement Tour
Could you imagine what the DNC would be going through right now if Edwards won the nomination race?

Obama camp says their donors portrayed as ‘mindless fans’

The forgotten candidates in the White House race

Sunday shorts “The HRC Effect”

Commentary: Why Bill Clinton’s still upset
Another article not from this week but read this week.


Russia must stand down
Op-Ed by Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) about the Georgian/Russian conflict.

GLOBAL: High food prices put pressure on HIV programmes

Living with Chavez’s revolution>


Running ‘can slow ageing process’


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