Homestretch / Obama/Biden 2008

The Homestretch Pledge

The Homestretch Pledge

1- To Wear an Obama Button/Pin every day through Election Day.

2- To Wear an Obama t-shirt once a week through Election Day.

3- To volunteer one hour a week for Obama through Election Day.

As an athlete I learned that the beginning and the end of a race are the hardest parts. In the spirit of that I wrote the Homestretch Pledge to help me support Obama and Biden in the homestretch of this race.

Join me in my pledge by signing your name and state in the comments section below.

If you have a MyBarackObama account sign up for this event by visiting:


3 thoughts on “The Homestretch Pledge

  1. I went to the O’Bama headquarters today in Phoenix. I now have bumper stickers, a pin which I will wear daily, and will host a VP Debate party. I also got voter registrations to sign up people where I work to vote.

  2. I like this idea of a pledge and wonder what other people would pledge.
    I had made promises to myself and now will move to a pledge:
    1. I will do at least one thing every day that contributes to the campaign (a good habit for after the campaign when I can do at least one thing every day for the community).
    2.I will not shy away from suggesting to family and friends to make calls and canvass (especially when they are freaking out).
    3. At least once a week I will do something to feed, or otherwise give to, the staff at our local Obama Office.
    4. I will write something about this experience at least once/week.

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