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Study Break/Thought of the Week

So after a friend of mine posted a blog post inspired by an email she got from Tyler Perry’s email list I joined his email list. I have to say that his messages are (1) really him and (2) things that make you reflect. I enjoy learning a bit more about what makes him tick/inspires his films.

That being said…during a quick mental break from reading for school I read a message he sent after his latest movie, A Family That Preys, came out.

The following section stood out to me and made me think, “All of this to say to you, life is a gift and a blessing. Don’t let people change you. No matter what happens be wiser the next time. But, don’t let it change you. There may be people in your life that have hurt you, but don’t make the next person who has the best intentions come along and you run them away because you think they’re going to do what the last person did to you. Don’t be afraid. In life you can’t live in fear of what people will say or do. If you lose love or a friend, then maybe you never had it.”

So I share this as I remind myself of/reflect on the truth(s) of this statement.


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