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Links of the Week 26 September 2008

Top Five
(In Order)
This service of the St. Petersburg Times and CQ is my new favorite political website. You can go and factcheck things that both Presidential and Vice Presidental candidates have said and see the sources of the factcheck.

Politics of the Plate: “Natural” Lies
The best thing you can do is read the label. If you can’t pronounce it or if it has sometype of die in it, don’t eat it. And I’m sorry in my opinion high frutose corn syrup is not natural because whatever they have to do to the corn ot make it syrup is not natural…sugar is natural…well cane sugar that is.

Vote As If Your Life Depends On It

Truthiness Stages a Comeback
This is an article that all undecideds should read.

McCain suspends campaign, Obama plans to continue


The Economist’s Global Electoral College
The Economist is allowing its readers from around the world to vote in the US presidential election. Each country has electors based on population. So I encourage you to vote in this global election and encourage any friends that you have overseas to do the same.

One thought pushes fence-sitters to the left: Palin

Iraq moving toward Biden’s controversial vision
John McCain was wrong and Joe Biden was right…

McCain Decides to Participate in Debate

Government Seizes WaMu and Sells Some Assets
I almost got a WaMu account when I moved to NJ…glad I changed my mind…


Hey U.S., welcome to the Third World!

The U.N.’s meatless drive

Study: Most kids’ fast-food meals have too many calories
Something to think about the next time your kids want McDonalds…


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