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Links of the Week 7 November 2008

Top Five
Little rest for Obama, analysts say

Iverson heads to Pistons for three players

Women and Minorities in Politics
Video from a recent event that was featured on C-Span discussing Latino Americans and the 2008 elections.

Ten Questions for Election Day

Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies
I didn’t know this committee existed before election night…wow.

Obama’s Grandmother Dies
May she rest in peace.

Obama’s Grandmother’s Absentee Ballot will be Counted by State of Hawaii

Dixville Notch has spoken: It’s Obama in a landslide

Who Needs a Sticker? Facebook Users Change Status to ‘Voted’

The Fact Checker – The Final Edition
This aspect of thewashingtonpost.com celebrates its last edition of the election season with a few highlights. Remember HRC’s sniper fire? 🙂

At the End of an Extraordinary Ride

My Thoughts On Election Day

Dems win two open governor races, make history in N.C.

Dems hope for ‘Magic 60′

Apparent Plan to Deploy Active-Duty Military Unit Inside the U.S. Draws ACLU Scrutiny
ACLU makes a Freedom of Information Act request to investigate an active duty military unit dispatched in the U.S.


SIS Oral History Project-Ann Nixon Cooper, the inspiration in President Obama’s acceptance speech
This video clip features Ann Nixon Cooper the inspiration in President-Elect Obama’s acceptance speech who was interviewed for a Oral History Project at Spelman College.

Divvy is a new free site that helps with booking event space, products and services.

Dear God


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