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Links of the Week 14 November 2008

Top Five

How Will President Obama Deploy His Internet Army?

Obama Set To Be 1st “Wired” President

Afro-Latino Voices Shout: Obama! Obama!

I Believe In Zero
This is a new campaign from UNCEF: “25,000 children die every day from preventable causes. We believe that number should be zero. Join us.”

21’s Century Women’s Leadership
A new report from The White House Project.


Think Again: The Uses and Abuses of “Voter Fraud”

100 Days to Demonstrate Commitment to Human Rights
This is the new campaign from Amnesty International. The 3 goals are to have President-Elect Obama: 1- Announce a plan and date to close Guantanamo, 2- issue an executive order to ban torture, and 3- ensure that an independent commission is created to investigate the abuses by the “war on terror.”

Free the GOP
An interesting article from former New Jersey Governor Christy Todd Whitman.

A Baby Boom For Obama’s Name
I knew this would happen.


Tough Times Strain Colleges Rich and Poor


Greenwashed by Simple Green? Ask Annie

The Safest Cookware
I just wish that the safest cookware wasn’t the hardest to clean :{


If The Other Party Wins


CREDO Mobile- Show Your Post Election Pride
Click on the link to get your free sticker from CREDO.

Spelman College: Home
Check out the Spelman College homepage for photos from their 2008 Election Lock In.

National Peanut Butter Lovers Month

FYI – Two peanut farmers have been elected President of the United States: Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter.

As donations drop, nonprofits forced to get creative

Oldies But Goodies

Will a Black President Really Heal the Racial Divide?

The End of Racism?

The Word – Change

A Clip from my favorite part of The Colbert Report.

Byrd’s Decision Sets Off Other Senate Gavel Changes
Personally, I’m more interested in how the Senate is going to look than the new administration. There is a lot of change going on…


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