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Links of the Week 28 November 2008

Top Five Ideas for Changing America — Feminist Advisory Board For Obama
This is an idea that was created by one of the Obama supporters I have gotten to know really well while campaigning for Obama. We have never met but we have shared plenty of phone calls and emails 🙂 Vote for this idea by clicking on the link today! The top most voted on ideas will be shared with the Obama Administration, now that is change I can believe in 😀

Mr. Biden Goes to Washington
Gosh I wish I made enough to have a $200 plus a day commute to work 😉 Congrats Joe…you will be missed!

Obama Grabs News Headlines in the Americas – November 5, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailers and Video Clips
I can’t wait until July!!!

Cornel West on the Election of Barack Obama: “I Hope He Is a Progressive Lincoln, I Aspire to Be the Frederick Douglass to Put Pressure on Him”
I feel better after reading this interview. You can also listen or watch.


Barack Obama, honeymoon killer?
Yes, though its getting better now.

Friend of The Obamas To Be Social Secretary

Cynthia McKinney prevented from leaving US
I really wish she had not hit that Capitol Policeman…I think that really hurt her career.

Minner taps Kaufman for Biden’s Seat

Grassroots Ball DC 2009 Starts to Go Interactive, Intensively

Hillary Clinton and the UN: How She Might Approach the Role of Secretary of State

Bush’s last Days: The Lamest Duck


Lawyers Wanted – Abroad, That Is

Health/Green Living

Splat! Green Girl Whacks Air Fresheners

11 Holiday Health Hazards to Avoid

Let’s Turn Black Friday Into Green Friday

Non Profits

Social Entrepreneur Blogs About Nonprofit’s Financial Woes


European countries top places for women to live
Once again the U.S. falls behind and the category where the U.S. fell behind, political representation.

Do or Die for Women’s Rights

Oldies But Goodies

Ben Stein on Christmas
Go Ben! This is a post that has also become an email forward. Click the link to find out what Ben actually said and what he did not say.


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