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Links of the Week 9 Janauary 2009

Top Five

The Think Tank Index – Top 30 Think Tanks
This link will take you to the Top 30 US Think Tanks but the full report has an analysis of think tanks all over the world. The report seems interesting but I have to look deeper into the methodology.

From Iraq to Afghanistan: Out of One Occupation and into Another
This article is a great breakdown of things that the incoming Obama Administration need to consider when they take over the occupation of Iraq and the conflict in Afghanistan. I opposed the occupation of Iraq but I’m also opposed to the United States abandoning Iraq. I encourage anyone who wants US troops to leave quickly to read this article as it explains why, unfortunately, that cannot occur – at least why it should not occur.

Joe the plumber headed to Middle East
How many minutes does Joe have left?

Reid to Senate: Get ready to work weekends, be grateful you have a job
I think this is a great title for an article! My hearts go to the staff in the House and Senate because if the body is working weekends they so are they.

Shattered Glass
One of the luxury of being in school and being on campus is that you get access to great television channels like the International Film Channel. This is the link to an interesting film I saw that showcases the time that Steven Glass served as a reporter at “The New Republic”.


Seniority in the 111th Senate
A essential tool for the political junkie. Did your Senators move up?

Coleman Versus Franken: Minnesotans Say Enough Already!
At least this state is more organized that the state of Florida was in 2000.
Though I am assuming that Minnesota will re-evaluate its recount policy.

Why a Tiny Alabama Town Wants a $375 Million Chunk of the Stimulus

Carolyn Maloney: If We Can Have A President Named Hussein, We Can Have A Senator Not Named Kennedy
I like the title of this article, its catchy and it got me to read the whole piece. However, I also agree with the catchy comment. I think Caroline Kennedy is a nice woman but I am also tired of the celebrity factor in politics. To elaborate, I prefer celebrity politicians that have become celebrity from their work in public service not celebrity politicians that are celebrities due to family name. Maybe I would feel better about Caroline Kennedy if she was a state politician as well as a Kennedy, if some attempt was made on her part to build a political career like the rest of us have to – one position at a time working our way up the ladder.


Climate Change: It’s What’s for Dinner


The Top 5 Diet Myths Debunked

Oldies But Goodies

Is Your Health Food Really Healthy?

Nothing Short of a Revolution
This is an old article that discusses the international and US feminism movements. Its a long article but it is very interesting and brings a lot of good and interesting points to the table about the differences between women around the world and how that makes the feminism movement unique but also a challenge.


Foundations Help nonprofits Hurt in Madoff affair


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