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Links of the Week 27 February 2009

Top Five
(In Order)
Jamie Lee Curtis: A Fish Called Denial

Mike Allen now a Twitter hitter
I guess I’m not the only one on this bandwagon now 🙂 Twitter…so far so good. Facebook watch out!

How Burris blew it

Obama: ‘Nobody messes with Joe’
Go Joe!!!! Don’t mess with Delaware 🙂

Biden convenes first stimulus oversight meeting

Open Letter to the New York Post

10 most influential D.C. Twitterers

First Lady Obama’s Official Portrait

Karl Rove Must Testify

Going Green
BEing Green: Putting Your Old PC to Use

Nomboniso Gasa
She is one of several people participating in a fast to bring attention to what is going on in Zimbabwe.

Civil unrest caused by a recession ‘a major worry’

‘The District’ Ep 4 ‘Team Barack World Tour’

Geoffery Dunn: Palin’s Evangelical Base Slaps Down on Bristol

La democracia llega a Facebook

The View From Here: Updates From the Host of Meet The Press
Found this link on Twitter. It is interesting to see what the people that report the news read in their free time.

Woman’s Weave Stops Bullet!

India Media Hails Oscar glories

Analysis: Celtics gamble in bid to shore up depth

Oldies But Goodies
What Obama wishes he could say

Lean on Me: East Side High Song


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