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Links of the Week 6 March 2009

Happy Woman’s History Month!
2009 Theme: Women Taking the Lead to Save our Planet

Top Five
(In Order)
Best idea I’ve heard to fix the economy. Without my over $100,000 student loan debt I could put money towards buying a house and in the short term buy a new computer. Multiply a concept like this by a few million Americans and I see us getting out of this crisis. Besides it rewards people that are being responsible with their money and have done things with their money that helps the country…being more educated. Finally, the banks get what they need their money and we the people get what we need money…if only the banks were not so greedy they would agree to this.

Howard Fine: What Caused Bobby Jindal’s Speech to Be a Disaster
Kudos on what Fine states in the article. I only listened to part of the speech but for many of the reasons Fine states in the article. The speech sounded fake and insincere. One thing the Pres and VP know is how to do is make a genuine and sincere speech.

Chris Brown arraignment delayed
Yes, I want Chris Brown to get more than a slap on the wrist for his brutal beating, read the article and you will agree, of Rhianna. BUT more importantly I hope that he gets the help that he clearly needs as ‘headlocking while driving’ screams I have a problem.

Colleges Expand Aid to Draw Students in Downturn

Blogs In, Badges Out As Girl Scouts Modernize

Aaron Schock, “Hottest Freshman” Talks Doogie Howser and Dating on the Today Show
Skip the hottest freshman and dating stuff…this video is very informative about how Schock came into politics. Oh and we need more “Schocks” in office not his politics…his age. Average age in the House is in the 50s.

Ailing G.O.P. Risks Loosing a Generation

Roland Burris for U.S. Senate

Bruno Hoffman: Brazil’s Internet Strategist
Latin American politics is my heart…08 US Presidential election was cool and all but I will follow Latin American politics any day of the week.

Who paid for all of Biden’s train trips? One guess.
I don’t have a problem with the fact that tax payers pay for Congress to get to work. We pay for the President to get around so why not Congress. Additionally, no matter how well one thinks Congress is doing its job they still are making sacrifices to do the public service that they do so, as long as there is no abuse of the privilege, why not pay for their commute.

Colman Team Asks Court to “set aside” the election

Record Low for Patterson’s Sinking Poll Numbers

Read the end…there is a silver lining for Patterson.

Miers, Rove will testify for Judiciary

There is also an update about ‘Purpleticketgate’ from the inauguration.

Skins Initial Foray Smells Like Folly

Obama Takes in Wizards’ Win Over Bulls

Johnetta B. Cole to Lead National Museum of African Art

Dora the Explorer Going Skank, Moms Fear

Cutting the Cable as the Economy Pinches

The Good, the Green and the Ugly: Laundry Detergents

S.F. Zipcar Lets Charity Workers Drive Free

Oldies But Goodies
Finally, a Glimmer of Light: More Women in Leadership Is Better for Business

Did You Know?

Satire White History Year Resumes

Time in Senate May be Irrelevant if Obama Runs

I found this while clearing out e-mail. The article discusses President Obama’s chances of winning if he runs in 08 considering that he is [was] a Senator. It’s funny because at this time, 2006, I thought Obama should wait until 2012 or 2016 to run. Well President Obama, thanks for not listening 😀


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