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Links of the Week 13 March 2009

Top Five
(In Order)
International Women’s Day 2009 “Women and men united to end violence against women and girls”
I am really hoping that a positive outcome from the unfortunate Chris Brown/Rhianna domestic violence situation is a re-evaluation of violence against women especially in developing nations that assume that the problem is improved simply because a woman can now file a police report and appear in court against her attacker in their countries (yes US I’m talking to you :D).

Obama Creates White House Women’s Council

Should Michelle Cover Up?
Honestly I think a lot of this conversation shows the generation gap in this country. The average age of the Senate is 65 and the House is about the same meaning “everyone” is/can be a member of the AARP (My congressman uses the Amtrak senior discount to get to D.C. each day). The first lady is no where near that age and her dress reflects that! The younger generations don’t wear stockings and sleeveless is ok for most occasions as long as it isn’t spagetti straps. My only criticism is that I’m not sure if the first lady really gets just how conservative Washington is when it comes to fashion. At minimum she should make sure she has sleeves on when she heads towards Capitol Hill and when meeting certain dignitaries and foreign leaders.

Steele’s Apology to Limbaugh Troubles Many Blacks

IMF Survey: Economic Crisis Starts to Hit World’s Poorest Countries

Michelle Obama’s Agenda Includes Healthy Eating
Thank you First Lady Obama for taking this issue on. It is a shame the junk companies sell to the poor communities in this country! I almost cried the last time I was in a discount grocery store in a poor neighborhood, in Chicago ironically enough, the fresh food selection was pitiful.

NYC Mayor hones Spanish to woo Voters

New Idea on Capitol Hill – To Join Senate, Get Votes

I actually disagree with this. The extra time and cost to a State to run special elections is unnecessary. Indirectly, the people do vote in the Senator as they voted in the Governor who makes a temporary appointment/decision to keep things running until a proper election can be held. I would hate for a candidate to become a Senator during a special election only because he had the cash on hand/connections to beat out a better candidate due to the tight time frame. What happened in Illinois is an exstreme case, lets not disrupt a working system because of a bad outlier or two. Also, I hope this teaches people to research those they are voting for to avoid what occured in Illinois – do your homework 🙂

Commentary: If you oppose stimulus, don’t take the money

You Don’t Win the Presidency, Then What

As Jobs Vanish, Motel Rooms Become Home

Health/Green Living

Pepsi to roll out products with natural sugar
Yea Pepsi!! I don’t even like Pepsi but I may pick up a box of this stuff. We as consumers need to support these efforts and let the big companies know that we will not tolerate products that are not good for our bodies. The Corn Lobby said, in its PR commercial, that HFCS is okay in moderation. The problem is HFCS is in practically EVERYTHING we consume – that is not moderation. This in no way is a perfect solution, the price should not be as inflated as it is, but its a step in the right direction.

More teenagers going the meatless route
I wonder if meat producers and dairy farmers will start producing commercials about how meat and dairy is healthy for you like the Corn lobby did with HFCS?

Vegan Before Dinnertime

Stop Junk Mail with Junk Stopper
This is the pay way to stop junk mail from coming to your home. There is a free version as well that involves you writing to companies to opt-out:


The Audacity of Jamila’s Hope

The Top Five Ways White Feminists Continue to Discredit Women of Color

Terrell Owens Signs with Bills

En Español
Quitarle la vida de una rosa

Piden regidores PRD-PRSC anular suelo 150 mil pesos

Oldies But Goodies
Just Do It: The Dearth of Women in Politics is Not Just Due to Sexism

I enjoy that the word is trickling down more and more from what academia has known for awhile.

Which Came First The Objectification of Sarah Palin, Or the Mistrust in Her Competence?
Objectification for 200 Alex [Think Jeopardy].

When are WE Going to Get Over It?
A southern white man professor encourages “white people” to get over themselves and live up to the United States’ creed. I found this link but was unsuccessful finding the editorial on the site of the original newspaper 😦

Obama Picks Kansas Governor Sebelius as Health Secretary
Kinda off topic but I think Gov. Sebelius is one of the best dressed women in politics.

Charities Say Government Is Ignoring Them In Crisis

Humanities Ph.D’s Are Anticipating Hard Times


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