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Links of the Week 3 April 2009

Top Five
The Class Photo
It is nice to see obvious diversity, gender and race, at the G-20 but we still have a ways to go. Besides the Queen, love her, is only symbolic leadership.

Men struggling to finish at Black Colleges

This really pains me but I am excited about some of the initiatives that some HBCUs have taken on to reverse this sad trend. Support HBCUs, Majority Hispanic Institutions and Tribal Colleges (I think that’s what the American Indigenous Schools are called).

What I Owe John Hope Franklin

U.S. Senators Move to End Cuba Travel Ban

The Vice-President in Latin America

Organization of the Week
Accion “The mission of ACCION International is to give people the tools they need to work their way out of poverty. By providing microloans, business training and other financial services to poor men and women who start their own businesses, ACCION’s partner lending organizations help people work their own way up the economic ladder, with dignity and pride.”


Franken Wins Favorable Court Ruling in Minnesota Senate Race

Rio Moves to Wall Off Its Slums

Biden Waffles on Big Final Four Match-up

Clearly biased as a Biden fan but where is the waffle on this? Wife over the state of NC…at least he is honest!

G-20 The Key Issues

Venezuelan offer for Guantanamo

White House Council on Women & Girls (WHCWG)
I was very pleased to hear that Pres. Obama created rather re-instated this council. In an effort to “track” the work of the council I will post articles that discuss the council. So far I have seen more criticism than praise for the council. I also have chosen to add this segment due to the lack of discussion of the council in mainstream media.
Roberts and Roberts: The Playing Field is Still Tilted

A Ceasefire in the Culture War
Supposedly the Obama Administration will be using the WHCWG to help lower the number of abortions in the US.

A Lack of Reality About Women from Obama

School Water Fountains to Prevent Obesity

Health Secrets from Holistic Docs
This article was like a free doctor’s visit without the push to try a new drug 🙂 Also glad that studying abroad turned me onto eating my biggest meal in the middle of the day & eating lots of hot food both ideas are recommended in this article.

The 14 Types of Twitter Personalities

Twitter Takes Hollywood

Women Journalists: Last In, First Out

PSA Re-Enacts Rihanna’s Alleged Beating

‘Guiding Light’ canceled after 72 years

I didn’t watch but I am saddened. But wondering, how do you end a soap opera?

Oldies But Goodies
Guys Gain, Too: White House Council could make difference — for everyone

This was supposed to go in last week’s links but I got caught up preparing for WAM09.

Some Are More Equal Than Others

Article discusses lack of Pro-Life representation at the “premier” of the White House Council for Women and Girls.

Wailing Women of NOW Descend on the Emerald City of O

I guess asking for the Obama Cabinet to be 50/50 male female is crazy even though women are at least 50% of the population and are more than 50% of the voting population…Didn’t our founding fathers want the government to look like the people (read the Federalist Papers for details)? The answer is yes if you had to ask.

Why Global Maternal Health Matters


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