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Why You Should Listen to Obama’s "Muslim World" Speech

This morning those who have signed up to receive email messages from The White House got a message from David Axelrod concerning Obama’s speech from Cairo.

I am assuming for those who got the email that like me you receive way too many emails that you cannot possibly read each day or even this week. Well today, I decided to listen to this speech (I have a friend who researches on the Middle East so I’ve taken an additional interest in the region) – all 55 minutes of it. The speech was good but there are a few specific reasons why I think you should watch this speech:

1- President Obama discusses Women’s Rights specifically in a Muslim context (42:24);
2- President Obama gives an updated timeline for troop withdrawals from Iraq (19:58)
3- (Just for fun) To hear President Obama say certain words (like Qu’ran) with an Arabic accent (moments vary).

If you have not signed up to get updates from the Obama Administration, visit to sign up (see upper right hand corner).


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