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Links of the Week 5 June 2009

Top Five
Biden’s staff shoulders task of steering committee

Death to All Black TV Shows (Except the Ones Made By Tyler Perry)
It is really sad that as the diversity of the United States is growing the diversity of network television is decreasing. We as citizens should not have to go to BET (my issues with this network I will save for another day) to see shows with “black folks” or go to Univision to see shows with “latinos.” To all the political pundits and people that claimed racism/race issues in the United States died with the election of President Obama, this story is only part of my argument that counter those statements.

Obama May Need to Show ID in More Places Than East Harlem
This is a good article discussing how Obama’s election has not stopped the negative perceptions of Black males in this country.

Update on Recovery Act Lobbying Rules

Men Follow Men and Nobody Tweets
The Harvard Business School did a study about men, women and Twitter.

Barack Obama Still Courting Pennsylvania

Obama Rewards Donors with Plum Posts Abroad

Did Regan Cause the 2008 Crisis?

Quote of the Week
“According to the United Nations Population Fund, three fifths of the world’s one billion poorest people are women and girls. Of the nearly 1 billion adults in the world who cannot read, two thirds are women.” From Wal-Mart Foundation and CARE Team Up to Empower Young Women Around the World. Not the biggest fan of Wal-Mart but I am glad that they are doing some good through their foundation.

Photo of the Week

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with other Foreign Affairs Ministers from the Americas.

Clinton abandona la Asemblea de la OEA y asegura que no hay consenso sobre Cuba. Photo credit goes to AP/Clave Digital.

Meat: the Slavery of our Time
This Foreign Policy article discusses how eating meat will become obsolete in the future.

10 Easy Ways to Eat Natural
Besides the negative comment about co-ops…I love co-ops, there are some good tips in this article.

Health Risks of Too Little Sleep
As a first year graduate student this past school year…I definitely saw the health risks of too little sleep.

6 Alternatives to 87,000 Slices of Bread

There is a video in this article that you have to check out.

Somali Bantus gain Tanzanian citizenship in their ancestral land

An Online Atlas of the Millennium Development Goals
A very interesting look at the world’s progress towards the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. There are interactive maps for each of the goals…just wish I could print or save the maps.

North Korea’s Next Kim: Dad’s Favorite, Kim Jong Un

WNBA Team’s Jersey Sponsorship Could Set The Standard

Spalding iHoop
This is a bit much…but will probably be seen on future episodes of MTV Cribs though…sigh.

Why Facebook is for Old Fogies

The Circle of Life Cycles


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