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Links of the Week 12 June 2009

Top Five
Age No Barrier in European Elections
A great story of two women that could be the oldest and youngest members of the European Union Parliament.

Michael Moore: Goodbye GM

Grading the Administration 19: Weekly Grades for Administration on Poverty: B-

This comes from a blog I found from my Google alerts, sometimes the things give you good information. The organization focuses on poverty and homelessness in the Cleveland area and they seem to consistently rate the Obama Administration on several things.

Racialicious – The Intersection of Race and Pop Culture

My new favorite blog. Very insightful.

Facebook’s Fatal Error

I have to say as a former Facebooker, this article is right on the money. One of the reasons why I left Facebook is that the network had gotten too big and too commercialized. I stayed for so long to stay connected with people I have met at various stages of my life but really the downturn for me started when they opened it up to high school students…

Quote of the Week
“Before people start swooning over Obama’s welcome embrace of his mother-in-law, remember: the dude lives in a 132-room house.” from Barack Obama, Stop Ruining My Marriage.

Photo of the Week

Source: Printed in Time. Paul Sakuma / AP

From Apple Unveils New iPhone: Hail, O Great One. I love languages so I had to post this picture. Also, I’m telling you if AT&T wasn’t so expensive I would have an iPhone…oh and I’d have to be able to afford the phone too 🙂

If I Lived Inside the Beltway…
I would go to Running Start and WUFPAC‘s Book Signing Event featuring She’s Out There! edited by Amy Sewell and Heather L. Ogilvie. The book is a collection of 35 essays by young women (35 to 5 years of age) who aspire to lead the nation. The event will be at the Borders on 14th Street NW from 2-4pm on Saturday 13 June. Visit either organization’s website to learn about the event and of course to learn about the great work they are doing for gender equity in politics.

Ticketmaster & Live Nation: Obama’s Antitrust Test

Senator Tom Carper on Afghanistan and Pakistan

DNC Lays Foundation for Health Care Reform

Not sure if I’m feeling people paying a fine for not having coverage but we will see how it goes. Oh and I do want extensive Health Care reform just in case my criticism of the current bill does not show that.

Race getting silent treatment in healthcare debate

This article reminds me of the term used across playgrounds across this nation…’Silent but Deadly.’

Mitigating the Global Economic Crisis Through Enhanced Parliamentary Oversight
Article has a promotional tone to it but still has some good insights of how parliaments worldwide can turn the negative effects of the economic crisis into good sound public policy.

Dismay Over Obama’s Turnabout on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Women and Politics
Where Sonia Sotomayor Really Stands on Race
Its very interesting reading this article becasue I see where the critics are coming for but I am reminded of a few articles I read this past school year stating, simplistically summarizing, that minority women are better at anyalzing certain types of cases better than white men due to their particular backgrounds as minorities and women. I think this is what Sotomayor was implying and once again the down side to the 24/7 newscycle as well as the constant access to information is that things are being taken out of context.

Women and Politics in the Muslim World

A discussion about women, politics and the Muslim world. This broadcast occurs in the aftermath of Obama’s recent speech and visit to the region.

How Twitter Will Change The Way We Live

Save Women and Children First

Have to say until I read this article I did not think about how discount booksellers are harming smaller bookstores. They are like the WalMart for readers. Its a hard balance because I know there are so many books I would not own if it were not for B&N, Borders and the like but seeing great small businesses struggle and fail is not fun either :{

Advice to College Graduates

Forget the newbies on the block..this advice applies to us all 🙂 Congrats to the Class of 2009!

Oldies But Goodies
White girls flashing Gang Signs?

So recently I’ve seen some news about Chicago Bulls’ star Derrick Rose throwing up a gang sign in a picture. I also got a link to the above article – the comments section is even more interesting. I find it compelling to see an example of how different people doing the same action can be perceived differently. Notice that there is no mainstream media investigation(s) about this but it appears that someone will be digging up dirt on Rose possibly going as far as things he supposedly did in High School…


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