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Links of the Week 19 June 2009

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Top Five
The Waves Minority Judges Always Make
Please share this with anyone who is leaning towards the Sotomayor is a racist for her comments about women and minority judges.

Iran Election Is Obama’s First Foreign Policy Test–And He’s Failing

Palin vs Biden 2016
Have to say I did the math to see if Biden had a chance to run in 2016. He could do what McCain could not…be the oldest elected President ever. I do agree with the author, Palin killed – in a good way – her recent CNN video and I think she is smart enough not to run in 2012. Unless something goes wrong in DNC land…they have a lock on 2012…just my opinion 🙂

What Hillary Can Teach Sarah Palin
I’m not a fan of the tone of this piece but at the heart the author is right that Palin would be better off, career wise at least, if she learned from Hillary post campaign.

The Stoning of Soraya M.

You have to go see this movie when it comes out later this month. Go to the website to view the trailer.

Photo of the Week

Photo Credit: Keith Knight.


That’s What’s Wrong With Black People
An interesting look at African-American activists who refuse to get involved in formal politics even if they are an answer to their criticisms of the Obama Administration.

Where’s Joe? He’s at the Parade
VP Joe Biden when home to DE for the weekend and participated in the last day of the Annual Italian Festival. Have to say as a native Delawarean I have not been to this festival though I have been to the African Festival and the State Fair.

The Voting Rights Project – League of Women’s Voters v. Brunner

Women and Politics
Online Activism Institute
Mission: “The Online Activism Institute provides web-based training and resources to empower women leaders in the Middle East and North Africa. The Institute empowers community leaders who champion liberal values to achieve democratic change in their societies.By using the Internet to bridge gaps in physical distance, the Institute seeks to reach more women with personalized training opportunities, providing them with interactive tools to achieve their activism goals.”

Men’s Health Week
Happy Early Father’s Day to all the Dads out there…now go get checked out! Its important. Do it for you, do it for your loved ones and do it because you deserve it!

What Single Women Can Learn from Michelle

Why Has Obama Got It In for Muslim Women?

The 10 Commandments of Social Media

Oldies But Goodies
Pundit Mom: If Only the New Disney Princess Could Be More Like Mulan

A great post that makes you think about media, business and stereotypes about girls and women. Still ashamed about Disney’s first choice for the name of the new Black princess…sigh.

Jordan MPs Discuss Discriminatory Laws Against Women

Stop The World: We Want to Get On

Memorial Day 2009 – Jose Pequeno American Hero
This video made me cry at the end. It is a must watch! It’s stories like this that make me want to end the wars the US and, well, all countries are involved in. I’m blessed to have people like Jose sacrifice their comfortable lives so that I can have one but it saddens me to see his extensive injuries. Thank you to Jose and all of our troops but it’s time to bring the troops home!

Amber Waves of Blame

Discussion of the various “waves” of feminism and the issues between them.

Interview with Alomiza Ennos-Barr, Liberian Representative and Chair of the Women’s Legislative Caucus


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