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Links of the Week 26 June 2009

Top Five
This is definitely a lesser version of my own story dealing with student loan debt. A definite watch and a definite share. I do hope the government does something about this problem. Frankly, we could solve a lot of the economic crisis by offering loan forgiveness. I know I would buy a house after I get my PhD if I did not have to worry about what I owe Sallie Mae aka the equivalent of a house outside of major cities.

Inequality and Microfinance
Have to say this is the best solution I have found to poverty. It has the tone of teach a man to fish, it does not cost a lot and it can help the local economies of those who receive the loans. I think it would be neat to bring this to the US especially with the increased poverty we have experienced since 2000.

President Sarkozy Says Burqa Not Welcome in France
I am actually against this French law. People should be able to practice their religious norms especially if these women when given a choice would freely wear the burqa or other coverings used by Muslim women. It is important to note that many other religions use head wraps or coverings with females and males.

Education: The Last Fight For Civil Rights

Photo of the Week
From Why Do People Desire Walls?

A Palestinian carries a wheelchair bought in Egypt across the border back to Gaza after militants exploded the border wall between Gaza Strip and Egypt, in Rafah, on Jan. 24, 2008

What Do You Call a Lawmaker Anyway?

Interesting article about protocol and members of Congress.


The Box
This will make you think…

Mexico Progress on Green Fund

Oldies But Goodies
Food Inc.
All I will say is start reading food labels…

Raising the Baby Question
A discussion about Feminism and Motherhood.

Women are starting to achieve political parity

An op-ed by Marie Wilson, Director of The White House Project.


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