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Links of the Week 3 July 2009

Top Five
(In order)

Michael Jackson: Our Brother, Not our ‘N**ga’

Limiting migration: People Protectionism

This article reminds my why I miss my The Economist subscription…but budget cuts had to happen. I may try the online subscription though.

Letters from Luvvie: Dear BET (Guest Post)
Except for some of the language use, I don’t curse or use foul language, this post took the words out of my mouth. I am really disappointed in BET and I have been for years.

What Would Buffy Do? Notes on Dusting Edward Cullen

A Latin American Perspective on the Crisis (Part 1)

Don’t forget to check out part 2.

Photo of the Week

Michael Jackson from ‘Rock With You’ video. RIP Michael (1958-2009)!

Quote of the Week
“Sorry sweetie, but Soulja Boy wants to “super soak” you too, and you’re dancing while he says it.” from BET brainwashing our kids.

Palin Stepping Down This Month

Powell ‘concerned’ about Obama’s agenda

‘Family Friendly’ White House Less So for Aides

Obama’s Border Fence

A Now on PBS article and show discussing the Border Fence that President Obama plans to complete and the fact that the fence may not/probably not produce the desired effect.

States Struggle to Meet Budget Deadlines

Another Batch of Obama’s Ambassador Picks Have Money-in-Politics Ties

I know that Obama is not the first President to reward those who donated or raised money during their campaign but the practice still saddens me as it is another downside to the US Political Culture. Read the article to links about all of Obama’s Ambassador selections. Thanks to for doing work that I cannot do!

Dumbest Moments in Business 2009 Mid-Year Edition


Wedding Disasters

Hardee’s and Quiznos Try to Out-Sleeze Burger King

Jackson left behind an ‘Endless’ Supply of Music

Oldies But Goodies
Chef-executive Obama’s Barbecue Time
Obama recently held a BBQ for local school students. I have to say when he does things like this I think he is so great!

Hallie Berry and Jamie Foxx: Whats the Financial Value of a Kiss?

Check out the radio show link in this article. An interesting description that discusses the challenges of being a Black actor in Hollywood.

Help for Paying Off Your Student Loans
This is an issue near and dear to my heart aka I have plenty of loans to pay off :{ Please share with others and teach students to be mindful of the debt they choose to take on to pay for their education expenses.


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