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Links of the Week 10 July 2009

Top Five
Chile se ha enamorado de Bachelet
This El Pa
ís article discusses how President Michelle Bachelet of Chile is the most popular president of the world. Her approval ratings surpass Calderon, Lula and Obama. Additionally her Department of Interior has a 68% approval rating despite a world economic crisis and an unemployment rate of 10.2%. I love watching women world leaders kick butt 😉

60+ Black Female Superheros!

At the Pinnacle of Liberty, Feeling A Bit Confined

Seattle Green Bag Program

Jill Biden Shines a Global Spotlight on American Community Colleges

Quote of the Week
“And yet, in many African countries, if you want to start a business or get a job you still have to pay a bribe.” While wealthier nations have an obligation to help Africa, he said, African nations “have a responsibility” to build transparent, efficient institutions.” From Unveiling Food Plan, Obama Presses Africa on Corruption quoting President Barack Obama.

10 Possible Reason’s for Palin’s Decision

Now, Sarah’s Folly

TV One to begin Sunday public affairs show aimed at Blacks

S.E.C. May Reinstate Rules For Short-Selling Stocks

Roadside Camp for Miami Sex Offenders Leads to Lawsuit

Black men with a sweet tooth

Social Security Number Code, Study Claims

El valor de la mujer latinoamericana

Oldies But Goodies
11 Health Myths That May Surprise You

Babe, set and match: How looks count for more than talent when Wimbledon decides which girls will play on Centre Court

Spelman College Commencement Address

The 2009 address was given by Cornell West, PhD.

Vice-President Biden Announces Appointment of White House Advisor on Violence Against Women


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