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Links of the Week 31 July 2009

Top Five

Crude: A Joe Berlinger Film

This is a film about Big Oil’s exploitation of indigenous people in South America. I actually did a project about this issue a few years back. Click the link below to learn more and find out where the movie is playing. Click below to watch the film trailer.

Why Can’t Ads Get Black Women Right?

I will say this. Another reason why diversity in business, film and media are needed.

About That Beer

The Meat of the Problem

It is so interesting that more and more studies are coming out that vegetarianism and veganism is not just good for your health but good for the environment. Remember H1N1 was not about “dirty pigs” in Mexico, it is a direct result of corporate/mass farming. This article provides practical suggestions like cutting back on meat consumption once to a few times a week.

Sarah Grabs the Grievence Grab Bag From Hillary

A well done piece by Dowd.

Photo of the Week

Official Guidlines

Official Guidelines

Source: Jorge Cham. PhD Comic


What will triumph in health care push — reform or recess?

Shaq Denied Entrance to the White House

I’m not surprised but I thought if anyone had a chance it was Shaq. I wonder if he was sore after doing 1,000 push ups. I can only manage 10 at a time-sad but true.

Death Toll Rises in Afghanistan; In US Key Econ Report Due

Can Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett Help Get Health Care Done?

This blog post is from one of the bloggers I enjoy following on Twitter, Pundit Mom. So click the link and subscribe to her posts.

License-Plate Scanners: Fighting Crime or Invading Privacy?

This brings a new meaning to the term “Big Brother Is Watching.”


Height and Happiness: Why Tall People Are Happier

Why Volkswagen is Powering Through the Recession

Oldies But Goodies

Teacher Can We Leave Now? No.

Haiti: Women “More Protected” to Report Sexual Violence

Girl Shunned by Family After Rapes Sparks Outcry

I do not know the whole story but I do know that this is the fate for many girls and women all over the world. Any mistake that “shames” the family is grounds for dis-ownership. One reason why I feel that education for all children is important.

Your Friend, Fidel

This is an old article written by Harvard Cuban Scholar, Jorge I. Dominguez. It is a very interesting piece that shows just how flawed US Policy has been and why Obama should maintain his current method towards dealing with Iran and the recent controversey over their recent elections.


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