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Links of the Week 7 August 2009

Top Five

Sotomayor Fans Claim the Phrase ‘Wise Latina’

Congratulations to our newest Supreme Court Justice – Sonya Sotomayor! If I was a Latina I would wear a ‘Wise Latina’ shirt with pride!

Raul Castro: Cuba to Slash Social Spending

“Bacon as a Weapon of Mass Destruction”

Okay watching this almost made me sick. It also made me think of Food Network Star Paula Dean who adds fat and butter to everything oh and she fries it too.

Food Fight! 8-year old girl targets Sasha, Malia

The argument in this article is hard because targeting politicians’ kids is not cool. But the point is valid. Children in ritzy well to do public or private schools get choices. The rest have unhealthy food that is slowly killing them (I’m passionate about the connection between what is put in food i.e. chemicals, excess sugar and preservatives and disease)

Support Afro-Columbian Human Rights

Please visit this page to find out about an unfortunate situation for the African Diaspora in Columbia.

Photo of the Week

Credit - Ed Wexler for US News & World Report

Credit - Ed Wexler for US News & World Report

From Delaware’s Carper Pushes Biden’s Plan for a National Park


White House Council on Women and Girls – Violence Against Women

Dirigentes en Santiago exigen acciones contra la corrupción

‘Tuitea’ a Su Senador

El Pais, the newspaper of Spain, has some really good articles. Thanks to Twitter I notice more of them now.

Conservatives Are the Real Joker

issues and lives
This is a very raw post about a woman working on women of color issues abroad. I felt her pain in her message but I have to say I am not sure what I can do to help her. Please read and share your thoughts if so moved.

Help for More Homeless Women Vets

Selecting The Same Sex


Black People Need Health Food as Much as Health Care

Obama Gives New Swine Flu Guidence for K-12 Schools


African Americans on Facebook or Twitter: Which is Better?

I say Twitter as I feel its more intellectually stimulating. I also think that Twitter helps you connect with your future while Facebook helps you connect with your past.

La Policía Apoya al Pueblo

Between the contested elections in Iran to “Beer-gate” with Barry & Skip these actions along with this video are a reminder that the police, specifically corrupt police, have their own interpretation of “protect and serve.”

Jeremih to send back-to-school tweet to CPS kids

Chicago Public Schools is using technology to get their children to school…interesting idea. Would be interested to see if this had an affect on enrollment.

Attack on Twitter Came in Two Waves

Oldies But Goodies

W Holds Sleepovers; Clinton Pledges a Frat

Who knew that Vanity Fair had good well at least interesting political articles. They actually have an Ex-POTUS feature, where this link comes from. Well I have finally received the memo on Vanity Fair.

Where are the Female Leaders?


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