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Links of the Week 21 August 2009

Top Five

(In Order)

Pride and Peril: Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Why Black Colleges Might Be the Best Bargains

The Women’s Crusade

I admit that I have not finished reading this article, its a NYTimes Magazine article so its long. But it is a must read as it discusses the conflict of this century – the maltreatment of women worldwide.

Our Stimulus Spot Check: Summer Wave of Projects Nears Crest

Whole Foods Fight

Quote of the Week

“Twenty-four percent (24%) of all PhDs earned each year by African Americans are conferred by twenty four (24) HBCUs; Eighteen (18) of the top twenty-three (23) producers of African Americans who go on to receive science related PhDs are HBCUs; Four (4) of the top ten (10) producers of successful African American medical school applicants are HBCUs. These HBCUs produce twenty percent (20%) more African American applicants than the other six (6) institutions combined; Eight (8) of the top ten (10) producers of African American engineers are HBCUs” from President Obama: Help Our HBCUs


Carper Details Reasons Behind Support of Health Care Changes

Did Cash for Clunkers Work?

The author does make some good points here. For me, the verdict is still out.

Health Care Americans Can Afford

Gambiling With Health Care

Here is a good story from my new favorite news program Now on PBS

New law promotes plastic-bag recycling

I have to say I am excited about this new Delaware law. I hope more states enact such laws.

Administration Official: “Sebelius Misspoke.”


For Class of ’13, times are a-changin’

First Hand Account: Health Care Protesters in Colorado

Oldies But Goodies

Bernie Sanders Unfiltered

A look at a US Senator who is unafraid to speak out on the hypocrisy in US Policy – foreign or domestic.

Mujer dominicana de 26 años presenta candiadtura a la alcaldía de Nueva York

Her campaign theme is Millionaires: Your Time is Up.

W.H. objects to Ad Invoking Obama’s Kids

I posted the original article discussing these ads the other week, see Links of the Week 7 August 2009. I definitely see why the W.H. objects this, I also see why the children of presidents are off limits, however I can’t help but think about the validity of the argument PRCM is making in the ad. I wonder if this would have gone differently if the PRCM tried to obtain some permission form the First Lady’s Office to use her children in the ad especially since the girls are not visually present in the ad. The First Lady is supportive of organic foods and attempted to start an organic garden so she could have been more open than in other cases.

ROYA, 24 Aspiring Writer

The Ultimate Insider

This is a New York Times Magazine Article so its LONG, 9 computer pages, but its a good article filled with good information. Valarie Jarrett may be my new political role model. – 50 Most Beautiful 2009

NOW Celebrates Landmark Confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor to Supreme Court

“Judge Sotomayor will bring more federal judicial experience to the court than any justice in 100 years, and more overall judicial experience than anyone confirmed in the past 70 years…Sixteen years passed between the confirmations of Ginsburg and Sotomayor, and three men were elevated to the high court during that time…NOW calls for every open seat on the Supreme Court to be filled by a woman until there are four, if not five women justices.”

President Obama Meet With Delaware Child with Brain Tumor


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