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Links of the Week 4 September 2009

Top Five

Política Alternativa

It’s time for Dominican Congressional and Municipal Elections (2010)! I wish I was there to cover it! This article discusses one way many aspirants get the word out about their candidacy.

President Obama: Healthcare, you Promised.

This technically should be in the Oldies But Goodies Section but it was published last Thursday so I’m going to leave it hear. This Op-ed is a good mix of serious and funny. I do hope that the President takes a strong stand on an issue that is not a “stimulus.” It may just be the push I need to take a study break and dust off that MyBo or Organizing for America phone bank tool.

Human Rights Missing from Health Care Debate

Please share this story with others. This story is a great example of health care being a right for all people including in the US.

Leaders and Laggards: A State-by-State Report Card on Educational Effectiveness

Have to say I was surprised that New Jersey is doing so well and surprised at how bad Delaware is doing. I knew that things had taken a downturn since my graduate at the start of this century but I didn’t know it was this bad!

Glen Beck Show Dropped by 11 More Advertisers

This is somewhat effective but if the advertisers are still airing ads on Fox News – how effective is the campaign? (Note – I think advertisers should advertise on the channel – its their right & good marketing. My concern is that the network probably would take stronger action if it wasn’t receiving dollars at all not just having to deal with the inconvenience of moving ad space and times around)

Quote of the Week

“It is not ‘your’ Facebook profile. It is Facebook’s profile about you.” from The Medium – Facebook Exodus.


Why I’m Running

An op-ed by Landon Dais who is running for New York City Councilman for District 9.  A good man working to take his community, and I mean the one he grew up in, to the next level.

Lobbyist Sues in wake of Blimp Pork

International Day of Peace, 21 September

State Radio: A Fair Trial for Troy Davis

Responses to Biden: “Paying more and more for less”

This is so sad yet so true.

Colin Powell: The Kid of No Promise


Latina Drop Out Rate Rises

It is important to listen to the whole segment on this one as there is a useful and necessary discussion about the methodology and shortcomings of the statistics gathers for the results of this study. It does not take away from the problem but it offers reasons that need to be taken account for those involved in reversing this sad trend and those with an opinion about Latinas or Latinos in general in the United States.


An Open Letter to Tyler Perry

I have to say I am torn by what the author of this letter addresses. I personally like Perry’s movies and the general messages he is trying to bring to the forefront. However the letter writer does bring up some valid concerns that I can see but I guess I overlooked because I see these concerns for that they are exaggerated stereotypes that does not completely describe black people in the United States. I will say I refuse to watch Meet the Browns because I do not like the “dumb” nature of the character Mr. Brown but I have watched and enjoyed (more than I thought I would) House of Payne.

“White Flight” from Social Media Sites

iPhones Overload AT&T Network, Angering Customers

The only reason why I haven’t scraped pennies or called Bank of Dad to get an iPhone is because of AT&T. Can’t wait for it to be on other networks though! Interesting read about the issue not just for AT&T but all cell phone carriers as technology changes how people use their cell phones.

Despite Learning Disability, 49ers QB Nate Earns NFL Job

This is really a nice story for all children and adults that have challenges to overcome that most others do not. Congrats Nate!

Bud Light ‘Fan Can’ Brewing Up Trouble

I think the ad agency that came up with this idea won’t be doing more work for Bud Light…I mean its kind of a good idea consider how popular College Football has become to those outside of the college community but still probably not a good move for this company.

Oldies But Goodies

Gun-Toting Town Hall Tactics

Russell Simmons: David Patterson, Accidental Governor?

I don’t know how much Simmons knows about politics but this is an interesting article about NY politics.


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