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Links of the Week 29 January 2010

Top Five

(In Order)

Continuing to Address the Needs of Haiti From a Gender-Informed Lens

Read this cause you won’t hear this on the Big Six…sigh..and because this type of news is not on the Big Six, I don’t get my news from TV anymore except for PBS.

Corporation Runs for Maryland Congressional Seat to Protest SCOTUS Campaign Finance Decision

The recent SCOTUS decision really saddened me especially considering the issues that US citizens have getting their representatives to listen to their concerns in a climate of PACs & 527s. This ruling will exacerbate this problem making the idea of “We the People” a story we tell our grandchildren about the way things used to be…

France aims to shatter ‘glass ceiling’ for women executives

It is time for the US to “step its game up.” Every time I hear a Republican, like the VA Governor who gave the Republican Response on Wednesday, say the US is the best country in the world I think about laws like this and the fact that according to the World Health Organization our health care system is 37th in the world. Oh and our representation of women in Congress is in the late 60s behind most of the “Axis of Evil.”

Was Specter Out of Line Telling Bachmann to Act Like a Lady

I agree with the author here and I have to admit I am tired of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” cries of sexism. This is really going to hurt female politicians and even parties when they finally do experience real accounts of sexism. I don’t know who first said “pick your battles” but the term is applicable in this case.

50th Anniversary of The Pill

Did you know that the inventor of The Pill almost got the Catholic Church to allow its use? You do now 🙂 Read for more inside information about the inventor of The Pill.

Video of the Week

President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union Address


Clinton ‘deeply resents’ criticism of U.S. aid mission

Bolivia Achieves Gender Parity in Cabinet

I will have to look deeper into this because while it is great that some countries are taking gender equity seriously many times in these parity cabinets the women fufill cabinet positions that perpetuate traditional female societal roles. Examples: Secretary of Education, Secretary of Family Services, Secretary of Women. I am glad that Morales’ Labor Secretary is a woman.

Women Start Your Campaigns

Interesting article. I feel the authors shared a lot of information and hit on a lot of the barriers keeping women from running but its going to take a lot more than good research and articles. There is lots of work to be done and I am glad that this issue is being discussed more and more in the media.

Why You Won’t Smile For Your Future Driver’s License Picture

This already happened to me 😦 I’m still not happy about it. My license pictures looked better before because I was smiling :{ I understand the security justification but I think they should take two pictures, one smiling and one not because what happens if we get a picture of a smiling terrorist and run it through the database? That way people can still smile and we can have a picture we like on our licenses.

Study Recommends Universal Re-Entry Preparedness, New Spending Priorities to Prepare Inmates for Re-Entry to Society


WAM It Yourself!

Black America (US)

Morehouse Art Professor’s King Mural Dedicated

TV One Launches “Way Back When” Programing for Black History Month

Black in the Americas

Morehouse Student Returns to Haiti to Help; Relief Effort Now Focusing on Monetary Donations

En Español

Ikea en Dominicana

Women and Girls

Female Wrestler Fighting for Equality – NAM

Except for all the references of to boys being stronger this is a great piece. I have to say, why can’t these boys be stronger because they, as people, happen to be stronger instead of perpetuating the stereotype that women are physically weak and men are physically strong? But I digress…still a great inspirational story! Follow your dreams!

LA Backtracks on Promise to Eliminate Backlog of Untested Rape Kits

Is The Outrage Over Mo’Nique’s Hairy Legs Covering for Something Else?

Oldies But Goodies

What do we do about Iran?

I enjoyed reading this post that outlines a wise strategy about Iran. Hopefully the Obama Administration is open and heeds the advice of experts like the author of this op-ed.

Haiti 2010: An Unwelcome Katrina Redux

Great piece by Cynthia McKinney! It is a shame that this piece by her and a similar piece by Fidel Castro will not be read by many who should read it simply because of politics. I am glad that someone is acknowledging the rich history of Haiti as well as the historically negative history the United States has had in the nation a.k.a. we are part of the reason why Haiti suffered so in this disaster and don’t get me started on the three occupations the US had in the neighboring Dominican Republic…

Pregnancy Boom at Gloucester High

With the Lifetime movie “The Pregnancy Pact” premiering. I thought I would share this article that was written last year.

Michelle Obama Asks Mayors to Help Reduce Obesity

Mujeres en el <<concho>>


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