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Links of the Week 5 Feburary 2010

This week is light on politics but I still hope you enjoy!

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Tale from Black History/Photo of the Week

Henrietta Lacks and her husband David in 1945.

Henrietta Lacks’ ‘Immortal’ Cells

Top Five

Remembering Howard Zinn

Even though we are only one month into the new year, I feel like we have lost so many people. Well this feeling hit closer to home with the loss of Howard Zinn. Professor Zinn, a former professor at my Alma Mater Spelman College, spent his life fighting against the status quo. Check out this video link and I encourage you to read his book “A People’s History of the United States.” I now see a need to read this book now more than ever!

Against Discouragement – 2005 Spelman College Commencement Speech by Howard Zinn

Professor Zinn spoke at my commencement speech in 2005 and now that my five year college reunion is quickly approaching and nostalgia increasing these words are more heightened than ever.

Impossible Role Models

This article has great arguments for both sides of the issue. A must read especially for those who have young women in their lives.

Building Haiti’s Economy, One Mango at a Time

Alpha Kappa Alpha Lawsuit Dismissed

Quote of the Week

“My hope is that whatever you do to make a good life for yourself—whether you become a teacher, or social worker, or business person, or lawyer, or poet, or scientist — you will devote part of your life to making this a better world for your children, for all children. My hope is that your generation will demand an end to war, that your generation will do something that has not yet been done in history and wipe out the national boundaries that separate us from other human beings on this earth.” Howard Zinn 1922-2010

Video of the Week

How to Get Our Democracy Back: Lawrence Lessig

The link above is to the full video and the clip above is the shorter YouTube video of the segment.


N.J. Gov. Christie Vetos Delaware River and Bay Authority Budget

Barack Obama Attends Georgetown-Duke Basketball Game

So this is borderline politics but I thought this was a cute segment. Nice to see the President humanized.

Women & Politics

Palin PAC Raises $1.4 Million

En Español

Reciben primeros 700 taxis amarillos de tres mil que circularán en Santo Domingo


Learn About Amy’s Organic Kitchen

Oprah did a feature on one of my favorite food companies, Amy’s. Check out the video and check out Amy’s at your local grocer.

NFL Reveals New Standard Logo

Traveling as a Vegan Requires the Proper Frame of Mind

Oldies But Goodies

Johsua Allen Harris’ Inflatable Bag Monsters

Battle of the Bags: Paper vs. Plastic

A great interactive feature that will allow you to assess your impact on the environment if you decrease your use of paper and/or plastic bags.


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