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What the “Big 6” Won’t Share About Haiti

These days its hard to go twenty-four hours without hearing a request to donate to some non-profit to support their efforts in Haiti. It is also hard, though getting easier…or so I have heard, to go twenty-four hours without some news footage from the “Big 6” aka ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC & Fox New that does not showcase some “poor impoverished little brown child” to show what is going on in Haiti. However, a quick study of the history they do not teach you in US classrooms will highlight that the devastation in Haiti is not just about a poor country with a government that cannot “take care” of its people but it will reveal the negative and significant role that the United States, the first independent nation liberated by slave owners, and “The West” had in getting Haiti, the first independent nation liberated by slaves in the Americas, to its current state.

I wish this post could be about the role of the International System/”The West” in debilitating Haiti’s ability to develop as a nation from its inception but I do not know enough about Haitian history. I do know more about the history of the Dominican Republic, Haiti’s neighbor, and the fact that that country has survived three US military invasions. This knowledge allows me to imagine how and what the US has done to Haiti historically and the irony of its current pleas to help Haiti now.

Moving away from blame and pointing fingers, I have to say that the out-pour that the US and other countries have shown to the people of Haiti in their time of need is refreshing and a welcomed shift. My big hope and prayer is that this out-pour is not a temporary thing but leads to real quality sustained development for Haiti based on the interests of the Haitian people.

To get back to the main focus of this post, please read below some links that expound upon information that you should know about Haiti that you will not get from the “Big 6.” In addition to supporting continued assistance to the Haitian people consider giving to the organizations, specifically the independent media outlets, that authored some of the stories below.



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Haiti 2010: An Unwelcome Katrina Redux

La Lección de Haití or in English The Lessons of Haiti

“Haiti: Killing The Dream”: Excerpt of Documentary on Centuries of Western Subversion of Haitian Sovereignty

Tè Tremblé: Journey to the Epicenter of the Earthquake

Bill Clinton Named New UN Envoy to ‘Stabilize’ Haiti, a Country He Helped DeStabilize

Building Back Better

US Implored To Stop Deporting Haitians


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