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American University’s Women & Politics Institute Presents WeLEAD 2010

Author’s Note

I heard about WeLEAD when I lived in DC a few years back. Though I missed the age deadline to participate in the program I have interacted with alumnae from the program who greatly enjoyed the program. Please share this opportunity with young women (21-25) in the DC area who are interested in working in politics.


Text from Women & Politics Institute

WeLEAD is a bipartisan leadership training program for women, between the ages of 21 and 25, who are interested in working in politics or running for office in the future. The program empowers young women, ignites their passions, and prepares them to succeed in politics and public service.

  • Program graduates are employed in the White House administration, congressional offices, campaign consulting firms, lobbying firms, and non-profit organizations.
  • Monthly workshops focus on campaigns and elections, political communication, fundraising, public policy, and professional development.
  • Evening events provide WeLEADers with opportunities to network with each other, previous program graduates, and prominent women in politics and public service.
Download an application today!

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