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Links of the Week 3 September 2010

Author’s Note

This week’s links are short as I am currently at the American Political Science Association Meeting; therefore I have done a lot more listening this week than I have done reading. So far so good with the conference panels I have attended and I look forward to putting something together in terms of a blog post to reflect on my experience this year.

Is their something that you read this week that I should check out to place in next week’s oldies but goodies section? Please comment and share what you read this week that stood out for you.

Top Five

First-Ever Law Protecting Domestic Workers’ Rights Signed in New York

Why Men Still Get More Promotions Than Women

Does Your Language Shape How You Think?

A Million Women vs. Wal-Mart

Amy’s Veggie Burgers added to Denny’s menu, yes they are vegan

Women & Politics

Women’s groups call out political sexism


Gang Members Accuse Chicago Police Of Unfair Harassment

Hipólito en gira de nueve días por varias ciudades de EE.UU.


At Bookstore, Even Non-Buyers Regret Its End

The Peace List: 10 Must Haves for Fall

This list includes two of my Favs Toms Shoes and Bento Boxes.

A ‘Family’ Celebration at the Emmys


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