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Links of the Week 10 September 2010

Top Five

Where’s the outrage over immigrant slayings in Mexico?

Who Gets to Review and Be Reviewed? Authors, book critics drawn from narrow pool

10 Years of “Feminism is for Everybody”

I Have the Coolest Friends

The Worst Toys Ever Made for Girls–Our Top Picks

I don’t agree with all of the comments the author makes here, like I think she needs to better explain how she is okay with women choosing pole dancing as a career and then have issue with the doll for girls, but this post will make you think and ponder what do you think is appropriate for the young girls in your life. I have to say that in the past year I have been shocked to see how even the youngest girls (age 1) assimilate to society’s gender roles for women. I’ll end with this…if you are going to buy a girl in your life pregnant Barbie I hope you are prepared to have a conversation about sex that explains all options from abstinence to contraception to protection.

Quote of the Week

“Attendance issues aside, folks are more football obsessed than ever. More people watched the last Super Bowl than voted in the 2008 presidential election. Hallmark Cards reports that the Super Bowl has surpassed New Year’s Eve as the biggest at-home party of the year. It has become the second-slowest day for weddings in America and the second-greatest day of food consumption, after only Thanksgiving.”

Michael Wilbon in The NFL rules ingloriously over the sporting landscape (Emphasis is mine).

Photos of the Week

Source: PolicyLink.org and Bureau of Labor Statistics

Source: PolicyLink.org and Bureau of Labor Statistics

These photos come from the blog of PolicyLink.org Equity Blog where they discuss The Jobs Situation in Black and White. These photos and the post makes me wonder which “Main Street” US politicians are really worried about because the “Main Streets” of Black and Latino communities have had many of epic problems they now are using as sound-bites to get re-elected for decades!

Women & Politics

Republicans fear echoes of Alaska in Delaware primary

‘I had no idea who she was’: Meghan McCain breaks her silence on Sarah Palin


Dominicanos protestaron contra extradición de traficante de personas

APD recomienda eliminar Liga Municipal Dominicana

Cancelan cincuenta dirigentes PLD en Cámara de Diputados


Who Owns the Civil Rights Legacy?

Sour Apples: Strike at Mott’s Plant Underscores Disconnect in Corporate America, Union Says

Passing in the 21st Century

Finding Inspiration Through Music

Single-Minded: Being Black Abroad

Inauguración de “México 200 Años”

Poca luz y facturas muy caras

Capital internacional mira mais lucro no Brasil

Oldies but Goodies

America’s 5 Worst Deadbeat States

Women We’ll Be Reading 200 Years From Now

What Do Latinas Really Think About Feminism? / Join the Summer of Feminista


2 thoughts on “Links of the Week 10 September 2010

  1. Thanks for featuring my post. To clarify my issue with the pole dancing doll, which I updated on my post, the issue I have with this toy is the age factor. Stripping is a very adult, very sexual occupation that a girl at the age this doll is targeted to–more than likely around the 5-13 range–can’t truly comprehend, no matter how progressive and informative their guardians are. While I believe positive sexuality and sexual education is vitally important among adolescents and adults, young girls should not be exposed to stripping and pole dancing through a doll, especially one that can potentially cause them to emulate actions that are far beyond their maturity level and understanding.

    • No problem! I enjoyed the post and hopefully I can check back on your site and read some of your other posts. Also thanks for the clarification. I actually agree with you though I have found managing “the lines” of positive sexuality is difficult. Thanks for commenting feel free to come back anytime.

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