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The Double-Latte Project February 2011: The Abyssinian Fund

The Double-Latte Project is my new personal philanthropy project. To read more about the Double-Latte Project visit the Double-Latte page on this blog.

This month’s Double-Latte Project selection is my way of honoring Black History Month on the global level as this month’s organization connects Africa with the African Diaspora. The Abyssinian Fund is a new People of Color run NGO which focuses on sustainable development in Ethiopia.

Why The Abyssinian Fund?

I heard about the Abyssinian Fund about a year ago when I went to visit New York during a discussion with the Director of the organization, Nicholas Richards. A few weeks later I attended a fundraiser for the new project with a friend and I really enjoyed the personal touch that the Abyssinian Fund is taking with its mission. The Fund has formed a personal relationship with a village in Ethiopia and is working with the people there to improve their lives.

I am really looking forward to seeing The Abyssinian Fund expand and grow across Ethiopia. Due to its personal touch and commitment to sustainable development I have chosen to include this organization in the first round of The Double-Latte Project.

About The Fund

The Abyssinian Fund according to their website, “partners with communities who agree to reinvest a specified percentage of their increased revenue to support the cost of health, education, and water programs. As the income of the local community increases from greater capacity and skills, residents take ownership of the resources The Abyssinian Fund helps to create, leading to sustainable development.” The Fund focuses on four areas: Water, Health, Education and Economic Development. To learn more I encourage you to visit their website!


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