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When We All Get to Heaven…

So I have not really been one of those Christians that thinks about life in Heaven much but lately I have been around leaders and teachers that share their thoughts about Heaven to the point that they know what they want their mansion in Heaven to look like (honestly when I heard that I realized that I had forgotten many of the “things” we as believers get in Heaven). For example, my Sunday School teacher shared one day how she really wants to see how God’s operation works. Like how does he manage to receive and work on all of our prayer requests and hand out our blessings? When she shared this I thought about a mother switchboard or the control room at NASA only bigger because well claro God is dealing with so much more than the phone company people or the folks at NASA 😉

Well, as a result of being under these leaders and teacher’s wings I have started to think more about Heaven and some of the things that I want to ask God about when I get there.

The first question I thought about was, “How does God do it?” How does He love us despite… In spite of if we are good or bad; in spite of whether we praise Him like we should on any given Sunday, Saturday or Tuesday; in spite of us, as humans, even accepting Him at all…God loves us and shows us His mercy and protection. I am doing much better in the area of loving people despite…but if someone does me wrong significantly I tend to walk away and go cool off somewhere and it usually takes me some time, even a lot of time depending on what was done and how much I cared, to come around and forgive them and love them and be comfortable around them again; but God doesn’t do this. This amazes me more and more as I learn and meditate more about Christ, His ways and His commands of us like, “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,” Matthew 5:44 NKJV. God loves us because that is who He is and I can’t wait to talk to Him about this aspect of Himself after I thank Him for it 🙂

The second question I thought about is keeping the Sabbath holy. I mean I understand the concept and why God wanted His holy day, and He sure enough deserves this time from us, however as I sit here on a Sunday Sabbath writing this post and studying I can’t help but think, “if this is the day I am most inspired as I have a fresh pouring of Your Word and commands and love, why not work? I mean I’m doing some of my best work today and I hope this productivity continues (Yes Lord! Let’s bring this into Monday & Tuesday in Jesus’ name!)!” Basically, some of my best work has occurred on a Sunday afternoon with the fresh words of my pastor via God in my spirit and mind. However, despite my enjoyment of Sunday afternoon productivity, I have said that once I finish studying for and taking my qualifying exams I am really gonna make His Sabbath holy i.e. no more studying on Sunday. I am even thinking of doing a no TV day on Sunday outside of Football season 🙂 All this said, I would love to discuss the conundrum of His Holy Sabbath and increased productivity due to the results of collective worship and teaching a.k.a church with God when I get to Heaven.

To close and get back to studying :), though I have not thought too much about my life in Heaven, I look forward to further reflections in this area. I bid you adieu with a clip of “When We All Get to Heaven” the Gospel Hymn that is one of my favorites and always stirs my spirit to smile:

Have a blessed and productive week!



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