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Double-Latte Project March 2011 Women, Action & The Media! (WAM!)

Happy Women’s History Month! In honor of Women’s History Month I wanted to feature an organization that reflected women but also reflected an issue that has become really important to me public and independent media. Women, Action & The Media! (WAM!) combines both of these wants making it a great selection for The Double-Latte Project.

Why WAM?

I decided to select WAM! because in recent years I have seen the importance of public and independent media, just re-watch or visit the mainstream media coverage of the 2008 Presidential election, and I feel that WAM! has programs that supports those interested in public and independent media and/or want to hold mainstream media accountable for the information or “information” they share.

I encountered WAM! in 2009 when I went to their annual conference in Boston. I had the opportunity to volunteer and I enjoyed having the chance to meet and interact with bloggers and others who we were interested in media and activism focused on women’s issues. It was here where I first heard about live tweeting and where I met really cool bloggers and activists like: @blackjew, @clbergpowers, @jennpozner@jaclynf the Executive Director of WAM!. Hopefully, I can make it to the 2011 WAM! it Yourself event in NYC. Not in the New York City area? They are WAM! It Yourself events all around the country and the world.

About WAM?

WAM! is an independent non-profit focused on gender justice in the media.

From their website:

WAM! connects and supports media makers, activists, academics and funders working to advance women’s media participation, ownership and representation. Our work is part of an advocacy movement for gender justice in media.

WAM!’s hosts several events and trainings throughout the year as well as an annual conference.


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