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Double Latte Project May 2011: Shea Yeleen

This month’s Double Latte Selection is Shea Yeleen, an organization that is improving the lives of women in rural Western Africa through sustainable development. The company has a series of products from shea butter to lip balms to soaps.

Double Latte Connection – People in DNMP’s Network

I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of this great organization, Rahama Wright, at a Montgomery County [MD] Women’s Commission event when I lived in Washington, D.C. We definitely hit it off and it was nice to meet another woman who wanted to make a difference and was actively doing so. When I interact with people like Rahama it always makes me think, “Why don’t I go ahead and make moves on the projects that I have in mind to make a difference. Their projects started as ideas.”

Because this is a sustainable development business, in addition to my normal Double Latte contribution of $10.10, I am going to purchase one of the products from the Shea Yaheen store. I am going to try something new so I will post what I decide to get. I have already tried the Shea Butter and I really like it. I even like the container that it comes it, very easy to transport.

Why Shea Yeleen?

Beyond the personal network connection, one of the reasons why I chose to highlight this organization is because it is giving people, specifically women, tools to make a living not just giving them a hand out. Shea Yeleen is not about collecting donations to just give money to those in need but they are about taking a skill that is already in use and giving people a market and business skills to be able to take the original skill to the next level. And bonus is the fact that these people are women!

To close, I always enjoy supporting companies like this because I know that my few dollars are going to help someone put food on their table and make a positive difference in their life.

You can find this company on Twitter and Facebook. Please follow and like them! Furthermore, please check out their store and make a purchase!

About Shea Yeleen – From Their Website

Shea Yeleen International, Inc. is an organization representing the issues and concerns of rural West African producers of shea butter. We believe in improving the livelihoods of communities by connecting rural communities to international markets in an effort to compete in an increasingly global economy. Through collective community development and support of cooperatives, we bring local issues to consumers interested in learning where their products originate from, and who want to use their consumer power to make a difference in the world.

Our project combines grassroots development with business development and the goal is to improve economic conditions in some of the most impoverished communities of the world. We focus on local resources that can be properly linked to international markets by seeking fair prices for traditional commodities. Through practical solutions, community engagement, resource development, and exceptional marketing, SYI is pioneering change for women producers of shea butter, and their communities!


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