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Double-Latte Project July 2011 – WUFPAC (Women Under 40 Political Action Committee)

Earlier this year while discussing Double-Latte Selection Running Start, I mentioned that I discovered Running Start while doing a paper on Women’s Political Action Committees. This link to Running Start is this month’s Double-Latte Selection the Women Under Forty Political Action Committee (WUFPAC).


Like Running Start, I selected WUFPAC because of my deep desire to help increase the number of women in politics around the world. Additionally, I have selected WUFPAC at this time because the 2012 election cycle is approaching quickly and well in the words of the meaning of the most well known and many times imitated Women’s PAC EMILY’s List Early Money Is Like Yeast.

I also like WUFPAC because unlike Double-Latte Selection The 2012 Project, WUFPAC is focused on getting young women elected to office and those under 40 of either gender are of slim supply in electoral office in Washington. In many ways, WUFPAC is like two birds in one stone- one bird is women and the other bird is youth at least based on Washington standards 🙂


According to their website:

WUFPAC was started in January 1999 by a group of young women, representing diverse political and geographic backgrounds, gathered together in Washington, DC to discuss the role of young women in politics. Recognizing that political capital is built by political tenure and frustrated by the low percentage of women currently holding political office, they created WUFPAC to support the efforts of young women running for Congress and statewide offices. WUFPAC was incorporated as a Washington, DC non-profit corporation in January 1999 and filed its statement of organization with the Federal Election Commission soon thereafter. The first WUFPAC executive board was assembled in the early months of 1999. WUFPAC has been active in political cycles since 2002.

Final Thought on the importance of WUFPAC

Looking to the progress that women in politics have gained from increasing numbers of women presidents to even a legislature having more women than men (Rwanda), the importance of engaging women in politics at an early age is more important than ever. What if Hillary Clinton had started running for local office at 25 or even 30? What about the youngest Congressman who is just shy of 30? Based on the current age of many politicians he could just possibly be in politics for the next 30 y ears and climb into several other higher political positions. WUFPAC highlights this importance of starting early in politics with the hope that women who start earlier have the potential to move up the political ladder thus increasing the probability and percentage of women who are in political positions of power in the long term. I also think that WUFPAC addresses a specific need of women running in the United States, though more and more I see that this is needed in other countries as well, money. Unfortunately, money is needed to run for political office in the US and lots of it. In 2010, over $1 Billion dollars was raised and spent on all political races. Check out Open Secrets for more information and statistics about money and elections.

Basically, if we the people desire to make political change it takes more than finding a great candidate it also takes funding that candidate at a level that allows them to compete with the status quo. I love that WUFPAC does that for two demographics that need more representation in politics – women and younger US citizens!


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