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Re: Jill Biden Description in Her Recent Op-Ed (11 Aug 2011)

Author’s Note: I recently wrote a letter to the Accuracy Department at USA Today in Response to my reading of a recent Op-Ed Dr. Jill Biden wrote on the Somali Famine

Dear Mr. Jones,

I recently read the Op-Ed that appeared in your paper, I read the article online, on 11 August 2011 written by Dr. Jill Biden and Former US Senator Bill Frist. While I was happy to see your newspaper address a needed issue via the opinions section I was shocked to see Dr. Jill Biden not only listed without her full title but only as the wife of Vice President Joe Biden: “Jill Biden is the wife of Vice President Biden. Bill Frist is a former Republican senator from Tennessee.”

I understand that space is of the essence in journalism but considering the large amount of work and contributions Dr. Jill Biden has made to improve, most recently, Community College Education, I wish your paper would have taken a few more words to include the fact that Jill Biden is a Dr. (PhD) and is an educator instead of simply referring to her marital status connection to a prominent man in politics.

I do hope that you consider updating this Op-Ed to reflect Dr. Biden’s occupation and not just her marital status as occupation references are standard in Op-Eds especially by those prominent in politics. Furthermore, please refer to this LA Times article from 2009 where Dr. Biden shares that she prefers to be referred to as Dr. Biden. If you have a policy similar to the papers mentioned in the LA Times article please consider the alternative attribution: Jill Biden, PhD.

I thank you for your time and consideration. Feel free to email me if you have questions.

Take care,

DNMP Politico


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