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Quote of the Day: 16 December 2013 on Women, Political Culture, and Political Institutions

“What people learn about their worth and role in society has an impact on the way they engage with politics…The political culture of a country shapes the ways in which women’s political ability is judged in political institutions and in society and how women see politics, themselves, and their capacity to contribute to the political process (Teresa Sacchet in Goetz 2009:152).”

Today’s quote of the day comes from a book I’m reading for my Dissertation advisor’s research: Governing Women Women’s Political Effectiveness in Contexts of Democratizations and Governance Reform. This quote got my attention because it reflects a lot of the conversations I have seen lately in academic research as well as activist/advocate circles I interact with on Social Media. It is so importance that seeds are plenty with underrepresented groups in politics like women and people of color to consider and run for office.


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