A Whole Team of Shaquille O’Neal’s – The 2013-2014 Seattle Seahawks
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A Whole Team of Shaquille O’Neal’s – The 2013-2014 Seattle Seahawks

I am really loving all the things I have been learning about the Seahawks Super Bowl Champions today. I knew about their on the field talents but I did not realize all of the amazing things they do off the field. I mention that the Seahawks are a team of Shaquille O’Neal’s because of the … Continue reading

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Butterflies v. Soul Stirring

So yesterday at my church was Youth Sunday (Yay fifth Sundays :)) and the youth choir sang a song by Tasha Cobbs called “Happy” When I heard the song in church I liked it almost immediately, well really when the song got to this part, “Your Life Saved My Life/With You is where I belong/I’m … Continue reading

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Boot Camp Day 5 – “You Won’t Feel Your Arms Tomorrow” & Bread Squats

So today was day 5 and the start of week 2 and boy did the trainer go in on us. At one point, I was doing an exercise and he says, “you won’t feel your arms tomorrow.” I quickly, bittersweetly and definitively said, “I know :(” Ironically, I said to myself yesterday, “I ate waaaayyy … Continue reading

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Boot Camp: Day 2 – My Arms Are Weaker Than I Thought & Praise and Worship

So what did you accomplish by 7:30am today? Me? I had 5:30am prayer, 6:00am boot camp and 7:00am praise and worship (okay so the latter was unexpected but good :)). So today’s boot camp workout was focused on cardio but boy did he work our muscles in the process. The crazy thing is that my … Continue reading

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While I Was Running…What Was Up with the Knicks’ Shot Choice Yesterday?

So last night I went to the gym later than normal but got excited when I realized that I could actually catch a good NBA game while I ran. So I turned to the Bulls v. Knicks game and Derrick Rose showed why he should be MVP for the league but I digress…but not before a Rose/Bulls … Continue reading