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Links of the Week 3 April 2009

Top Five The Class Photo It is nice to see obvious diversity, gender and race, at the G-20 but we still have a ways to go. Besides the Queen, love her, is only symbolic leadership. Men struggling to finish at Black Colleges This really pains me but I am excited about some of the initiatives … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 27 February 2009

Top Five (In Order) Jamie Lee Curtis: A Fish Called Denial Mike Allen now a Twitter hitter I guess I’m not the only one on this bandwagon now 🙂 Twitter…so far so good. Facebook watch out! How Burris blew it Obama: ‘Nobody messes with Joe’ Go Joe!!!! Don’t mess with Delaware 🙂 Biden convenes first … Continue reading

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2008 US Presidental Election Top Ten

Here is my Top 10 ok 11 videos from the 2008 election. Yes, mostly Obama videos but a few things appear from the other candidates, I was a fan of Mike Huckabee’s videos even if I did not agree with a majority of his policies. 1. We Are The Ones by will.i.am 2.”They Said He … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 9 Janauary 2009

Top Five The Think Tank Index – Top 30 Think Tanks This link will take you to the Top 30 US Think Tanks but the full report has an analysis of think tanks all over the world. The report seems interesting but I have to look deeper into the methodology. From Iraq to Afghanistan: Out … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 14 November 2008

Top Five How Will President Obama Deploy His Internet Army? Obama Set To Be 1st “Wired” President Afro-Latino Voices Shout: Obama! Obama! I Believe In Zero This is a new campaign from UNCEF: “25,000 children die every day from preventable causes. We believe that number should be zero. Join us.” 21’s Century Women’s Leadership A … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 7 November 2008

Top Five Little rest for Obama, analysts say Iverson heads to Pistons for three players Women and Minorities in Politics Video from a recent event that was featured on C-Span discussing Latino Americans and the 2008 elections. Ten Questions for Election Day Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies I didn’t know this committee existed before … Continue reading