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Links of the Week 20 March 2009

Top Five White House Council on Women and Girls – Where’s the News Media At? Once again the media misses on its coverage on this great newly revived council. Saddened but not surprised :{ Rep. Barney Frank: Is There An Antidote to the Republican Amnesia? China ‘worried’ about US Treasury holdings I have to say … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 12 September 2008

Top Five (in no particular order) Foreign Policy Association Election Guide Vote to give your opinion on key foreign policy issues for the next administration. See how the candidates feel on international issues such as the War in Iraq, China and Russia and more. Brady’s injury a huge blow to many fantasy teams If Obama … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 16 May 2008

Top Five of the Week (in no particular order) HRC Saturday Night Live Parody: This is the SNL skit where HRC lays out why she will be the Democratic nominee.Multilateral Like Bush: So this article shows McCain’s stances on various foreign policy situtations. If Clinton Wants VP, Obama Can’t Stop Her: Clinton’s … Continue reading

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Links of the Week 28 March 2008

Here are the links for this week. I have placed the videos first and the articles second. Enjoy! Videos 3am Girl Approves This Message Not the Other One: Richardson on Endorcing Obama Re: Barack Obama: ‘A More Perfect Union’: A emotional reaction to Obama’s race speech The Tide Is Turning: Video- … Continue reading